In both fashion and the tech industry, fearless leaders are always pushing the envelope. These two worlds constantly transform and adapt to the next big thing. It was only a matter of time until the line was blurred between the two with the innovation of wearable technology. These days, smart fabric and 3D printing are just the tip of this iceberg. With these industries integrating more and more each year, it's no surprise that there is huge crossover. Fashion brands are approached to collaborate on everything from fit bits to luxury vehicles and fashion giants like snatch up former Apple execs like Pascal Cagni to keep them at the forefront of the industry. But, how interesting to see the elite Hermes brand wrap around the ever popular omnipresent Apple brand?

As my brand toes the line between fashion and wearable technology with each collection, a wonderful moment of “yes!” was seeing what fashion industry icon Anna Wintour wore to the Apple x Hermes after party, a beautiful variegated tweed dress with oversized fur pockets that mirrored my outerwear Fall 2015 gems (see below). Anna rocked the look as she beamed with the knowledge of being in the know at the nexus of Lux and Tech!

Since 2013, the goal of Elizabeth Roberts has always been to use tech smart fabrics in conjunction with beautiful feminine silhouettes and to leave a light environmental footprint while producing them.

Seeing the leaders of both the fashion and tech industries really coming together in the past few years stirs up conflicting emotions. For emerging companies like us, there is a bittersweet sensation of being at the bleeding edge, but really the underlying feeling is excitement for the future and just how far this marriage of industry will go. We just hope that one and all do so responsibly as wearable, cell phones and more, do have unintended health consequences.

As we look at what the future holds for the Elizabeth Roberts brand, our SMARTSHIELD™ pocket will continue protecting the wearer from their gadgets, and our tech smart, environmentally friendly fabrics will continue to marry fashion and function. This is a fitting niche for us where we still have a vast amount of space to grow, even as the market becomes a bit more crowded than a few short years ago.