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SMARTSHIELD™ Pocket Technology

The Elizabeth Roberts collections are designed with innovative fabrics ranging from Switzerland, France, and Italy. These fabrics combine fashion and function, the heart of the Elizabeth Roberts brand. The Swiss Schoeller fabrics are produced under the Bluesign standard, using ecologically compatible fabrics and environmentally friendly production. The Italian fabrics are made with high quality European craftsmanship. Each style has a patent-pending SMART SHIELD™ pocket for cell phones.

Elizabeth Roberts’ styles feature a specially designed, patent-pending pocket for your cell phone. The pocket protects from the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and microwaves emitted. The barrier fabric reduces the specific absorption rate (SAR) by 95% without compromising the ability to transmit and receive data and phone calls.

The efficacy of the SMART SHIELD EMF attenuation has been tested for the typical life cycle of women’s outerwear, up to 5 years, or 12 cycles of gentle wash and flat to dry.